Texas Hard Money loans for investors :

LTV Funding Corp. is an independent, Asset-Based Hard Money Lending company, based in Dallas, Texas, and operates across the state of Texas

Our Mission:
To provide residential Real Estate Investors in Texas the acquisition & rehab funds for their single family investment properties. We also strive to educate our customers as to some of the pitfalls of the real estate investment business

**New Program for seasoned investors - 9.99 for 12 months, 70% ARV

LTV Funding Profile
Being real estate investors ourselves, and having purchased, rehabbed & sold over 2,000 houses, we understand every aspect of the transaction from purchase to sale. As a result, we can act faster and with more confidence than other lenders. Our corporate umbrella consists of residential real estate investments,  real estate law, real estate brokerage, title company services, mortgage buying and new home construction.  We offer sound advice that will assist you in every aspect of your transaction

In House Mortgage Broker - Texas Pride Lending is available to help investors with long term financing via banks, traditional mortgages and private (non bank) long term - soft money - lending solutions or owners of rental property.









Fix and Flip and various hard money loans

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More on our process , up to 75% ARV..

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IF you have commercial real estate loans (apartments, retail, office) "

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Portfolio Lending

Sometimes a borrower just does not qualify for conventional (Fannie Mae - FHA type) loans. Perhaps you have large cash holdings but show little income or you have more than 5 or even 10 properties financed. Either primary home loans or investment we can help ...(more)

Texas Investment Real Estate Clubs

Are you looking for investment real estate club or do you want to start one ? more...

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